For the last few weeks I have been speaking on the subject of “holiness.” You may be thinking that “holiness” is not a subject that is relevant in our modern society. The more I studied holiness, however, the more I saw that every person needs holiness. An easy way to define holiness is to understand that holiness is wholeness.
The only way you and I can be whole, is to be holy. God is holy and whole. He doesn’t need anything.He is complete and fulfilled. You and I are not complete and fulfilled outside of the holiness and wholeness God gave us access to through salvation in Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ can make us holy and whole. He can take us as broken, busted up people, and make us beautiful, whole people. Holy and whole like He is!
I encourage you to listen to the series at our website www.lifespringsfwc.org under “messages.”
Be Blessed!
Pastor Steve

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