I have found that most people do not like the word “change”. Change is usually met with feelings of uncertainty, fear, and even anger. I have found a softer more positive word that sneaks up on people before they can resist. The word is “transition”.

Transitions, like the dirty word “change”, happen. They will be a part of our lives until the day we die. Even then, if you believe the Bible, there will be another transition.

I do not like change. I enjoy stability and consistency. I have found, however, that if I am going to live a life of faith in God, transitions are going to naturally come. That’s right; transitions are a natural part of life. Jobs transition. Marriages transition. Churches transition. Our faith walks will transition. Let me make a bold statement. ANYTHING THAT IS HEALTHY WILL TRANSITION. If something doesn’t transition, it will stagnate and eventually die.

Transition creates new energy, passion, focus and creativity. If we are not willing to let God transition us from time to time, we will find ourselves spiritually stagnant. Don’t be afraid to let God lead you through transition. Transition to a new level! Transition (change) is good!

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