Leader you need favor!

Many leaders focus on developing their gifts and talents. They believe the stronger these are , the more successful they will be. While developing your gifts and talents is very important, many leaders forget that their talents and gifts are only as good as the opportunities they get to use them .  If you don’t have people who are willing to allow you to use your gifts and talents “on them” or “with them”, you have gifts and talents without effectiveness.  You have resources to bless them, but no avenue by which to impart them. The more effective you want to be as a leader, the more you will need people’s favor.

One of the missing words in leadership is “FAVOR”.  Luke 2:52 says, “and Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in FAVOR with God and man.” Notice Jesus grew in wisdom and stature. Both are very important. He also grew in favor , not just with God but also with man. We accept our need for God’s favor but we are more resistant to the principle of having the favor of people.

When we have no one who extends their favor to us, we are like a ship with no port to unload our treasures. When we lose the favor of people, they become resistant and even closed to our gifts.  Jesus used the favor of God and man to deliver his ministry. If you think as a leader you don’t need to have favor with men as well as God, you will find yourself with no crowd to listen to you nor be lead by you.

Here are some ways that you can lose favor with men and sabotage your leadership and ministry:

1. Be unfaithful and unreliable. If the people you want to lead can’t rely on you , they won’t receive from you no matter how dynamic your gift is. They won’t extend their favor to you.

2. Be a lone ranger. Ministry is best when we are working with a team, not doing our own thing, our own way. If we don’t work well with others, we will soon be working all alone.

3. Make excuses. People are quick to notices our habit of making “excuses”, and soon stop listening to us. They may not confront our excuses because they are polite, but they will not extend their favor to us.

4.  Don’t manage your time. If everyone has to work around your schedule, or you are always late , people notice. They won’t release their favor to you.

5. Remain unteachable. You don’t have all the answers. If you can’t be taught anything because you know it all, favor leaves.

6. Can’t submit to authority. God places spiritual authority and governmental authority in our lives. If we can’t submit, we can’t receive favor from men and power from God.

7.  Can’t honor others.  We need to show honor to people not only with our lips but with our attitudes and actions. If you can’t honor others, you can’t receive their favor.

8. Aren’t transparent. This doesn’t mean you tell everyone, everything about yourself. It means you don’t operate your life and ministry in the “shades of greys” .No lies. No secrets. No fakeness.  A certain level of transperancy helps you earn trust and favor from those you want to lead.

Grow in favor with God and MAN, especially if you want to be a leader.

Pastor Steve

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